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kata kata mutiara

Kata-Kata Mutiara Version English

  1. If you work solely for money, you will not become rich kerananya. But if you menyintai work you do it, the glory will be yours. ~ Ray Kroc (McDonalds Pengasas) make your life perfect and make life around you happy as this will make your life useful to dihendari problem because the problem is not going to make us stronger lives do not need to be sad if your dreams are not reality, be thankful for your bad dreams do not come true remorse will make the time do not regret what you did because you will regret it if you do not do if there is a chance do not forget to be grateful for many is how to give thanks for pleasure do not be afraid to try, if successful you will be happy if you fail any prudent thing to do bergantuk others because all human beings have to deal with it firmly properties do not run away from the problem because the problem has not been completed will disrupt your life when circumstances require cry then cry, cry because they are a sign of the weak if you are working solely for money, you will not become rich kerananya. But if you menyintai work you do it, the glory will be yours. ~ Ray Kroc (McDonalds Pengasas) Do not mind what people think about you. Who you are is a gift from God, only Him you shall hear. Companions are those who are always encouraging when everyone underestimated. Those who always care about you. Every beginning there must be the end, every problem there is a solution. Never give up, confident, and happy waiting. Just Because seseorg always look strong and smiling in front of you, meaning he morbidly bkn prnh blkgmu crying. @ AmandaAdriani Happiness belongs to those who have a dream and have the courage to try to make it happen so true. Never forget the gift of God's grace and that both trials. There is always a meaning in every event. God is Good. When you find it hard to realize your dreams, believe that a bigger dream waiting for you. Have Faith! In life, do not ever let someone's opinion about you transform yourself into someone who you know you're not. Loving someone is not just to say it every day, but also to show it in everything wholeheartedly. Sometimes, though angry at what I had done him that you love, you still could not stop loving her .. Beautiful adl currently owned org what else makes you morbidly jealous, because what you need adl be yourself. - @ AmandaAdriani true friend dpt show you that life is not as bad as thinking & problem no miles for which km feared. - @ WilzKanadi Be careful with the heart. Do not give it to someone who can not appreciate, because when given, he will not fully return. - @ AidiMs Good Companions will not ask his friend to be someone else. But a good friend will receive his best friend is. Sometimes when tired continues to hurt, you choose tuk away from everything, just because you want to see who's going menghampirimu. Do not resist change hny Because fear of losing that already owned, because with him we lower the value that can be achieved through a change that if we want to define what life is like, and then work hard to achieve the goal, we would not have been lost, even going to win. Do not remember the kindness you've ever done, but remember the good that others do unto you. Thankful is the best way to feel pretty, even when the needy. Do not expect more before trying more. When you feel alone and no one cares, remember that there is someone out there who so wanted to have a life that you live. Love probably will make you hurt, but it makes you more mature. Be personal is always forgiving, especially your heart. Hatred only hurt yourself, smile when hurt. Heart without hate establish enduring and peaceful soul. "The reason why a person can not ever achieve its goals is because he does not define it, not study it, and never seriously believes that his goals can be achieved" (Dr. Denis Waitley, motivational expert and author of books self-help) "I have three treasures. Keep and guard: deep love, simplicity, ketidakberanian win the world. With deep love, someone will be brave. With simplicity, someone will be generous. With ketidakberanian win the world, someone is going to be a world leader "(Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher)" You have to do something you thought you could not do "(Eleanor Roosevelt, former U.S. First Lady)" Faith is a knowledge within the heart , far beyond the reach of proof "(Kahlil Gibran, poet)" People who are too busy very rarely change their opinions "(Nitezche Friedrich (1844-1900), German philosopher)" Taste of happy and unhappy not come from what you have, nor derived from who you are, or what you do. Happy and unhappy comes from your mind "Dale Carnegie (1888-1955), U.S. writer-expert Motivation" Pain in the struggle was only temporary. It may be that you feel in a minute, an hour, a day, or a year. But if you give up, the pain will be felt forever "(Lance Armstrong, former U.S. Cycling Athlete)" A job that most can never be completed is a job that never ever start "(JRR Tolkien, author of novel The Lord of the Rings) Few wealthy people who own property. Most of the treasures that have them-Robert G. Ingersoll Life is fraught with danger, but precisely therein lies its appeal-Edgar Mowrer Alnsel poorest people I know are people who do not have anything except money. John D.Rockefeller Reality is always more conservative than ideology - Raymond Aron Many failures in life because people do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas Alva Edison Be yourself. Who else could do it better than yourself? - Frank Giblin, Ii Our greatest pride is not never fail, but bounced back every time we fall. - Confucius